Cody Outdoor Show Press Release


One of the biggest events of the year is going to be Cody Outdoor Show on June 2ND 3RD & 4TH at the Riley Arena and Rec Center Gymnasiums. This is the first annual Cody Outdoor Show and there will be over 150 vendors ranging from outdoor gear suppliers, outfitters, wildlife nonprofit groups, hunting and fishing supplies, boat, camper, and ATV dealers, and much more. Every booth at the show will have an item on a special show discount or have a free raffle of one of their products. There will be hundreds of opportunities to win free stuff!

As well as great vendors at the show we will have a ton of entertainment available for all ages. For the kids we will have indoor trout fishing ponds and beginner pellet and archery booths to learn how to shoot safely. For adults we will have an archery target range with bows to try and a competition for those wanting to test their skills. There will also be an interactive pellet range that will be good for shooters of all ages.

There will be a calling competition for Elk, Coyote, and Turkey judged by the award winning caller and owner of Best of the Best State Championship Hunt. We will have many other live presentations from some of our booths on the center stage throughout the show.

We will have an antler buyer at the show parked right up front paying top dollar. Bring your hides, heads and horns to the show and sell them to help buy some of the amazingly priced products inside. While we can't promise prices right now, this particular buyer is paying the highest prices we have seen in Wyoming and surrounding states. Prices are the highest they have been in a long time so dust off some of those old bones in the garage and bring them in as well.

We will be posting about many of the vendors attending the show on our Facebook page and website. To keep informed and get reminders about the show like our Facebook page and watch for free giveaways before the show even starts. The show will be $5 per day for ages 12 and up. In creating this show and signing up vendors we have been very careful to select only outdoor related vendors offering show special prices on their products. If you are interested in getting a booth at the show call to see if any are still available.

If you are a seasoned hunter or angler come sell your antlers and stock up on new gear. If you're a simply an outdoor weekend warrior come meet some organizations that can help show you ways to get more involved and enjoy your weekends more. If you're clueless or new to all of this, come and catch your first fish, shoot your first bow or gun, and see all the ways you can partake of the amazing outdoor sports Wyoming has to offer! See you there!