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Cody Wyoming Firearms, LLC

About Cody Wyoming Firearms
Cody Wyoming Firearms is a new firearms sales business. In 2016, the opportunity arose to take over Inventory of an existing Firearms business, Davis Trading Co.  The existing Customer base and Vendor list was essential in the success of the transfer and startup of Cody Wyoming Firearms, LLC. 

Cody Wyoming Firearms was formed as a Wyoming based Limited Liability Company located near Cody, Wyoming.  Cody Wyoming Firearms, LLC is working hard to become a reliable and trusted firearms company. By leveraging a well thought out business plan executed by a skilled management team, Cody Wyoming Firearms, LLC will exist for years to come to serve our customer base by focusing on the pursuit of 100% customer satisfaction.

Business Description
Cody Wyoming Firearms offers a large variety of rifles, pistols, ammunition reloading supplies and accesories. Special ordering is a key part of the business.  

Mission Statement
Cody Wyoming Firearms strives for 100% customer satisfaction by selling "The Best Products at the Best Prices."   We also strive to be good corporate citizens in the community we live in.

Cody Wyoming Firearms, LLC is just (5) minutes North East of Cody, WY at the Cody Wyoming Trout Ranch on the Shoshone River.  This firearms sales store is located in the same building as the Cody Trout Ranch Camp office.  

Arrowhead RV Inc.

Arrowhead RV Inc. is a family run business that has been serving the Big Horn Basin area since 1996. Arrowhead RV prides itself in a unique low-pressure friendly sales experience with complete customer satisfaction. We were ranked 12th in the nation for customer satisfaction, which is our #1 priority. This commitment has been demonstrated by not only winning national awards but by, more importantly, having repeat customers from all over the nation and Canada.

Arrowhead RV is located in the heart of the Big Horn Basin, in Powell Wyoming, nestled between the Beartooth and Big Horn Mountain Ranges. We are located only 72 miles from the East Entrance of Yellowstone National Park.

We are a full service dealership always striving to find ways to make your camping experience as stress free as possible. We offer sales expertise to help you select the right RV for your budget. Let Arrowhead RV show you why we're different from all the rest... Remember... Arrowhead RV..."Home of the Happy Campers."

Best of the West

Best of the West Productions (BOTW) initially formed in 2003 as a hunting television production company, formerly known as Bridger Trails Video.  Their specialty was long range hunting and the system of choice was a Remington Sendero 7mm Magnum with a Leupold VariX 3 scope.  Two technological advances in long range shooting made this possible: (1) Laser range finders and (2) Very Low Drag (VLD) bullets with high Ballistic Coefficients (BC).  As BOTW used these systems, they found various shortcomings and began developing their own high quality custom gun and a rifle scope that incorporates ballistic information in a turret-reticle design.  In 2007 BOTW rolled out the Huskemaw 5-20×50 rifle scope with a custom calibrated turret that matched a specific load in a specific rifle to a specific elevation and temperature.  This rifle scope was the first of its kind and, with BOTW proprietary software, was able to precisely calculate a bullet’s trajectory in specific environmental conditions.  BOTW could also precisely calculate the amount of wind deflection that would occur and give shooters the means of compensating for wind drift. 

The BOTW philosophy, which flies in the face of philosophies that have stood for generations, was not welcomed in the hunting community: (1) Bullet performance is more important than velocity; (2) Ethical hunting can occur beyond 300 yards and even at extreme ranges; (3) Compensating for wind drift is not a guessing game.  The BOTW television series was the means to prove their technology and dismiss philosophies that have grounded many hunters.  They demonstrate time and time again that shots at extreme ranges are possible with this technology.


As news began to spread, Best of the West emerged as the Long Range Hunting Authority.  The success of the television series has led to the online retail store,, which carries gear featured in the show, and a custom ammunition product line, which is specifically for extended ranges.